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" A journey of a 1,000 miles begins with a single step" Lao-tsu

About Skills: 

Politicians like to use high/low wage disparities to leverage voters: the “haves” , the “have-nots” or the 1 per centers. Yet, the main factor separating high wage earners from lower paying job is a person's salable skills. 

The Wall Street Journal, 03/21/14, reported skilled workers received 15-20% pay raises, and there is a shortage of qualified workers.  People get paid for skills:
  • ​          A brick mason is paid a mason's wage;
  •           A truck driver is paid a trucker's wage;
  •           An IT tech is paid a tech's wage;
  •           A CPA is paid what CPA's earn;
  •          The Company's CEO gets paid on his productivity.

Every individual needs a product to sell in order to earn money​. Every business is a Career Partner, and every resident can appreciate that every community, and every State depends on  successful businesses.  Plus, successful businesses are the life's blood in every community, city, state, and our America.​

      Be smart and acquire a salable skill.
     (See our
Job Quest Handbook.)

        •Financial Instruments are invented/ man-made.
        •What every City, State and the entire Nation needs
          is robust local economic growth.

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